Capture website as rtf without images?

I use the Take Rich Note service quite often to capture snippets from the web. But in most cases the result is “a bit to rich” for my taste. I don’t want images and often I don’t want any background colors and other fancy styling. Using Take Plain text in stead is no solution because I would loose links.

Does anyone here has a solution for that other than deleting images by hand?


Have you tried the free Readability bookmarklet for Safari from Arc90 Labs? It will render a page as plain text (sometimes with limited images). You can print the page as a PDF to DT, or select text and use Take Rich Note.

I use the Service, Format>Remove Attachments, which I think is available as part of the WordService package:

I gave it the shortcut, command-option-shift-7.
It’s great for stripping out thumbnail avatars from blog comments.


Thanks to both of you for pointing me into two new directions. I never thought of using bookmarklets or images being attachments that I can remove using WordService.

The JavaScript path seems to be easier for my workflow. “Readability” seems to be a bit over the edge for my purpose (and it was not always able to preserve the text I needed). So I developed my own bookmarklet (starting with one from here:

This is my code for now:


It hides all images, sets a font size of 14px and makes the background white. Then I will select what I need and use the Rich Text service to get it into DTP. Time will tell whether this reformatting is enough or wether I need to tweak the code a bit more.