Capture www to PDF doesn't include code blocks


when I capture a website as PDF the blocks of code don’t show up in the final PDF.


  1. Real website looks like this:

  1. PDF capture has an empty space instead of a block of code:

I work a lot with such websites. To keep the code the only working option is “web archive”, but it looks like it doesn’t store the content off-line (whenever I open the document, it loads it from the website).

Any idea how to solve this problem? Is there a chance to fix a PDF converter? Or store web archive off-line?

I would appreciate Your help :slight_smile:


No, there is no way to guarantee capture, especially from sites like this which are full of dynamically delivered remote content.

And a webarchive is definitely not very useful with much of this kind of content on Medium.

Many thanks.

Is there a way to connect a custom converter to DT clipper?