Capturing data, usability vs. storage space

I regularly use the browser extension to ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ but each time I have to decide how to capture the data: bookmark, rich text, formatted note, HTML, Web Archive, PDF (one page) or PDF (paginated). Most of the time I am looking to use the least amount of storage space possible, but I also need to be able to read it later. And most of the time I’d prefer to have something self-contained that doesn’t rely on an internet connection to be visible and useable to me later. Do the various data capture formats have inherent size characteristics? Which one fits the bill for ‘being able to read it later’? Which one fits the bill for being ‘self-contained and not relying on an internet connection’?

You can’t guess the size of the final file based on format alone. A PDF could be huge, or a web archive could be larger. However, if you want self-contained, no network required, PDFs are the most static capture option that generally preserves the look of the original.