Capturing Difficult Pages...

I’ve come across a site with a setup that confounds my best efforts to capture some of its contents as one-page pdfs (as insurance against the site disappearing and/or not being crawled by the Wayback Machine). To give you a sense of what I’m up against and to seek possible solutions, go to the main page for this site: Although individual elements on the page are clickable, putting their individual links in an address bar or a new window won’t display their contents. I suspect the setup is insurance against the very thing I’m trying to do. Okay. Now, if you click through this sequence (“features” (on the left) > “Interviews” (in the right frame) > “Nick Currie (The Happy Family / Momus)” (also in the right frame), and then try to capture the resulting page/frame as a one-page pdf, only the first page of the interview is captured. Creating a web archive does get everything, but that web archive itself cannot be converted to a one-page pdf either. And printing, at least on my setup, doesn’t appear to net better results. Am I missing something?

By the way, I’m using DTPO 2.10.1 on macOS 10.13.6. I also tried all of the above in DEVONagent Pro because sometimes I can capture things there that I can’t get with Safari (or Chrome).

Also, I’m fine having these items as web archives, if that’s the only way. If so, I can’t recall whether web archives auto-update upon opening. If they do, then that option is a non-starter for me.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

That site seems to be arcanely architected, with frames and other deprecated methods. I doubt a PDF is going to work – single page or any other. PDFs are not really site-capture devices.

Your best bet is probably to do a full download of the site, including all assets (images, css, etc.) and navigation, and store all those downloaded files as a complete stand along site in a local folder for your future reference. DEVONthink Pro Office supports this kind of download.

Thanks, korm. My web archives seem to be working fine, but I had forgotten about the full site download option. That seems like a winner for a site like this one. I’ll give it a shot after consulting the manual to be sure I don’t miss anything.