capturing Mellel documents?


If i understand correctly DTP currently does not capture the content of Mellel documents (?). Since i am about to switch from Word to Mellel i would like to know if this will change in the (near) future?


Not in the next few weeks or months, but possibly late in the year.

Note that DT Pro will let you convert a printable document in any application into a PDF version. To send a PDF of a file being viewed, e.g. a Mellel document, to your database just press Command-P to invoke the Print panel. In the Print panel click on the PDF button and select “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt”. You will then be asked to choose the group location in your open DT Pro database.

So although you can’t currently capture the text of a Mellel file for searching and analysis, you can capture the information content via the PDF version.

Ok, thanks. I will try to be patient and meanwhile use the PDF workaround…