Capturing notes and links - an old complaint, but still...

The only option available, when using the contextual-menu commands “Capture Note” or “Capture Link,” is to capture to whatever group you happen to be in at the time. That’s sometimes desirable, but my general habit is to save all such material to the global inbox.

Could this not be set up as an option in the preferences, must as it is now for content coming in from outside apps? Would that not be more consistent?

Another inconsistency: if you capture a link, or drag it to the Groups & Tags bar, or drag it into the index pane of a group, it is saved as a link. If, on the other hand, you drag it to the sorter, it is saved, not as a link (<1k), not as a web page (60-100k), but as a much larger web archive (+1MB!).

If you open a Web page in a new window, capturing a note will save the note in the Inbox of the database. I don’t know of any option to save it to the Global Inbox.

If you hold down the command-option keys after beginning to drag a URL to the Sorter, the link will be saved as a bookmark.