Capturing PDF document from DT3 Web Browser

If I’m browsing a PDF document on a website from within DT3, how do I go about saving it into DT3? I’ve never really used DTPO (or DT3) as a web browser before, and just encountered the above situation. Do I use the Sorter to capture the document, as I don’t see a direct or easy way to save it?


There are a few ways…

  1. Data > Capture
  2. Press the Action menu (gear icon) in the Navigation bar above the view/edit pane.
  3. Control-click the web page in the view/edit pane.
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If the PDF file has loaded in the DT browser, isn’t it redundant to choose the option “PDF (Paginated)” as this implies some type of conversion of the displayed file is occurring? When I have done this in the past , there sometimes are differences between the PDF file that is loaded in the browser and the resulting PDF that is saved in DT.

In the past, I have used the “Download Manager” which downloads the PDF from the source website without any conversion. I don’t enjoy that process as it does require a couple of extra clicks as well as copy and paste from the browser to the Download Manager and then finding the file in the DT “Downloads” group.

I feel that there should be a “Save in Original Format” as an option for saving files, which would be particularly useful for files such as PDF or JPGs that are displayed directly in the browser.

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