Capturing website info

Sometimes Cmd - shift - ) works, sometimes however it doesn’t.
There is no other app that took over that particular shortcut, because this can happen in one and the same session with Safari, even on the same page I try to capture (first attempt fails, second too, third works, but not always).

Any idea’s what might cause this?


No – although whenever I see flaky behavior, I assume that it’s time for routine System and disk maintenance chores: cron scripts, disk repair, permissions repair – that sort of thing.

Tip: I do most of my heavy duty Web page and note captures from either DT’s WebKit browser or from DEVONagent. It’s faster to use the contextual menu options – and HTML captures aren’t available via Services, but are available via contextual menu option in WebKit and DEVONagent.

My guess is you are running Safari 1.0 under Jaguar. I have the same problem and the solution I have found is to use the Services menu (under the Safari main menu heading) for the first capture after starting Safari. After that Safari seems to wake up and recogize Cmd-shift-).

This behavior is consistent with other apps I use that also provide text capture from Safari, so I don’t think it is a DT problem.

I will give this a try, although I use Safari 1.2.4 on Panther.

Thanks for the suggestion,

You need Hotservice, a free utility also from DEVONtechnology. … eeware.php

The Web site says it is needed for 10.2, however I have found that it is needed under 10.3 also.

Tried it and indeed! You are right.

Thanks, Greg.

I installed and have updated DEVONtechnologies’ “Needful Things” for so long that I assume everyone else has, also. Bad assumption!

So: For those who haven’t installed them, take a look at their descriptions on the DEVONtechnologies Web site. You may find them useful. Christian designs neat stuff. :slight_smile:

OK, been there, done that :stuck_out_tongue:

I had taken a look before, but must have overlooked Hotservice, downloaded Wordservice instead.

All installed now!