Caracters dissappear

Caracters have dissappeared in Notes when I reoppen the note.

I recently change my computer Power Book for a Mac Book Pro. Could that be causing the problem?

Which DEVONthink application are you using, and what is the version number?

In DT Preferences > Import, what is the setting for text encoding?

I am using DevonThink Oro version 1,3beta2 Text encoding is set to Automatic.

1.3 beta 2?! The latest version is 1.5.4… I can’t see that it’s a good idea to be using beta software that’s more than a year old.

I am surprised, becase each time I look for a updated version (using DevonThink menu), I get the message there isnt any.

Once every six months or so, it might be worth it to check the website :wink:

You’re about eleven months out of date.

By all means, go to the Download site and download the current version. The old beta you have been using isn’t compatible with text changes made by Apple in Leopard.

That was the problem. It seems everything is ok now.