Cataloging a Collection

Is there anyone out there who is using DEVONthink to catalogue a collection, and if so would they be prepared to write something about their set-up? I have a collection of writing instruments that I want to catalogue together with thumbnail photographs and any advice on how to set this up would be appreciated. I use the Pro Office version of DEVONthink. Thanks in advance.

Memory is a bit hazy - but somewhere in the Forums last year(??), someone popped something up about how they were using DTPO to catalogue Art collections(??) in museums - or something along those lines.

Apparently, the AI could even recommend “See Also’s” for similar looking paintings (if memory serves - he also had thumbnails in the mix)…

Will have a quick search, and see if I can find it again…


Ah - you probably saw this one, since it’s still on the 1st page of the Usage Scenarios sub-forum: [url]Testimony: DTPO used for an artist's official committee]

Not sure how useful it might be for you?

And here - on a newspaper archive: [url]How to organize database for archives of local newspaper?]

Thanks Cassady, very helpful. :slight_smile: