Caught in a print loop in preview document

Captured 3 web archives from the forum today.
When i click them to preview I get a print dialog.

I noticed the end of the url had “/print” on the end.
Removed it from the url with same result.
Looked at the end of the code and found

      <link rel="preload" href="/assets/print-page-e36056a4075e3fd3032cbf30b45aa1ce743abe55bf79f9e92429f33446f0801b.js" as="script">

Deleted this and all is well???
Both FireFox and Safari give the same result.
DT 3.6

Also on occasion DT refuses to capture anything but a bookmark.
All is well after quit and relaunch.

I am not seeing this behavior here.
Can you provide a specific page on our site that exhibited this?

In case of web archives the print script isn’t automatically stripped yet, the next release will do this. In the meantime you could use another format, e.g. HTML (in this case it’s stripped).