Caution: dumb question!!

I am very new to Devonthink and don’t know much about programming. I have manage to get emails from Apple Mail to import into my Global database. I however what them to be transferred in another one. I want the imported email to be moved across and to avoid creating duplicate entries. Is there a simple script which I can attach to the Global database folder which will do this for my automatically?

What edition of DEVONthink are you using.

With DEVONthink Pro Office, one can select a group in any database and import mail into that group. Subsequent imports into the same group will not duplicate previous messages.

Otherwise, what method are you using to “import”? If you are not using DEVONthink Pro Office, the answer is “it depends…”

I have two licensed copies of Devonthink, office and office pro. The Office is on my Mac Book while the Office Pro is on an old Mini Mac which I run as a server. The idea is that I input data in via the Mac Book and sync it with Mini Mac. Then if I need to remotely access my data I can do via Teamplayer to the Mini Mac. From what you have said however it looks as if I should swop the two copies over since I have yet to get VPN working.

Now I am using Office Pro to collect my data rather than Office I no longer have a problem get my emails in the right database. It would be good if I could automate the process so that it would take the contents of a folder in Apple Mail and put it in the right Group in Office Pro without having to select them each time.