Central location for all images not possible in Pref > files> markdown?

Hi all

so I’m trying something new to get a better work flow with md and images (haven’t found a decent solution in 3 years yet… :sob:)

I’m thinking of 1 external folder (indexed in DT) for all my images so I can dump all my images there and then any application (DT, obsidian etc) will always point there

I tried setting the DT settings to a folder but it always seems to create the folder below on the same level as the MD file

I tried using full path, name, DT url etc with no success, ie

is that just not possible? or am I missing something?



No, that’s not possible.
The text field is to assign a name for the subgroup that will contain the images.

so…can I add that as a feature request :wink:

thx so much!


In the meantime, maybe I’d would be paddle to create a smart rule that exports downloaded images to the folder of your choice. From where you can reference them in your markdown.

Ha @chrillek , interesting idea. I think ill open a new topic to see the current state of working with md images in 2020 to get the communities perspective! :slight_smile:

thx so much!

Try not to open up a wormhole. Also, there are a lot of threads on this topic already. No silver bullet on the horizon, anywhere.

thx @chrillek posted before I saw your comment so apologize, please see the topic:

if you think its redundant I can’t delete the post, just wanting to pick the brains from the excellent community



I could delete it, if you have no objections. It’s my impression that everything has already been said about this, albeit maybe not by everyone.

It’s all good. Conversation is still open on it. :slight_smile:

sorry again @chrillek , your much faster then me in responding

seems like there are some conversations in topic so lets leave it for now if that’s ok

thx again @chrillek