Change database within DTTG

Is it possible to change the database of an item within DTTG? I took images with the camera on the iphone into DTTG, which went into the global inbox. I don’t currently sync the global inbox because its too large for the iphone, so now I have images that I want to get to DT pro on my mac. I have another database with a Mobile Sync folder I could use, but only if I can get the images currently in the global inbox into that other database within DTTG. Is this possible? If not, is there another easy way to get the files onto my mac without syncing the global inbox?

Thanks in advance.

Not in the current release.

Is this a one-time problem – the pictures are in the Global Inbox but you cannot sync that database because of space limits? If I had that problem I think I would open the Global Inbox on my desktop and move everything there to some other database temporarily. Then I would sync with the phone to get the pictures into the desktop. Then I would move the pictures out of the Global Inbox to some other database or export them. Empty the trash, then sync a second time to get the pictures out of DTTG on the phone. And then move the files that I had temporarily moved in step one back into the Global Inbox. I wouldn’t want to do this everything I took a picture, but it would be OK as a one-time fix.

You could also just clean up your Global Inbox – says me who always keeps way too many documents there, contrary to the recommended practice :cry: