Change default image display size in DtPO?

I index image files into DtPO that will be used later in Reunion for my genealogy work.

The legend at the top of the three pane view page shows the image displayed at 100%. I’d like to change the default upon opening to 50%. Is this possible?

I’ve checked without result for a thread, a preference, or any setting dealing with the default image display size.


Not currently possible.

However, the keyboard command ControlCommand- (Control-Command-Minus) will reduce the displayed size of the image.

Thanks, Bill.

I’ll be working with these images quite intensively for the next few months. If repeatedly having to reduce the 100% display becomes sufficiently annoying, I may contribute to the wish list.

My workflow using these images is evolving with some experimenting. While their first use is to be part of research results compiled in DtPO, they are also going to be used (via drag and drop from Dt) to replicate the image in another app. It is very important that this second step work as planned. It seems to work as intended, but I can’t see why. So it shouldn’t be long before I’m be back with a request for some assistance in understanding what’s going on under the covers.

Thanks again.