Change Default Sorter Inbox

My sorter doesn’t send things to the default DB that I have selected— I’m not sure where it is sending things.

However, when I dragged the inbox to a new cubby hole in the sorter drawer, it will send things to the default inbox.

Is there any way to reset that inbox icon so it goes to my default DB?

  • is there anyway to add the icon graphic to additional sort locations? i.e when I drag folders into the cubby, they appear blank other than the first and undeleteable original cubby.


As noted in the Upgrader’s Guide (included on the download disk image), the Global Inbox is not activated in public beta 1.

However, you may drag any database Inbox or group into an empty slot in the Sorter. New content dragged into a database Inbox or group will be sent immediately to that destination if the database is open. If the database is not open at the time new content is added, it will be moved to the database when it is next opened.

Got it. I’m studying the manual now because I’m falling for this application. I had thought that I had successfully dragged a document to the “universal” inbox and thought that it had ended up in my main DB, but I was mistaken. I understand now.