Change default to Search Current Database?

When I type a search string into the search window, I automatically get results from All Databases.

But I almost always want to limit my searches to the database in which I’m currently working. I know how to then limit the search results to the current database, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to change the default so that it will automatically search the current database, thus eliminating what is for me, an additional step of having to select the database.

There’s currently no default setting actually, DEVONthink just reuses the last scope (if possible). We might add a preference to future releases.


Almost every time I do a search it’s for something in the current database, so my vote for the default would be to search in the current database.

An option for the default search scope would be very useful.

Probably best placed in the toolbar search dropdown as this would allow easy access for changing

The next release will add a preference to choose the default search scope (either last scope, all databases or current database).


Lovely. Many thanks (as always).