Change icon view to list view

When you pick a folder inside DevonThink Pro, the contents come up as icon view. Is there a way to change this to list view.

Kim Marietta

Mac Book Pro 13" notebook (Mid 2010 -Aug 2010), 2.8GHz, 8GB, OS X 10.6.7
Fujitsu S1300 Safari 5.0.5, Text Expander Devon office Pro 2.1.1

That’s an unusual view. What is selected in the View menu?

(BTW, just my opinion, but your screen shots might reveal more personal info than you care to.)

Looks like Three Pane, Sidebar hidden, with a search from the toolbar, group selected in the results pane.

Kim, I don’t know the answer to your question but I like to use the Cover Flow view for just such situations as this-much better than an icon view IMO.

DOH, of course. :blush:

View > Show Details gives a (slightly) improved set of information than just the icons.

(IIRC there was dialog on the forum about the same type of modification Kim is looking for – about a year ago.)

Thanks Korm and Greg. I will try both. And you make a great point Korm, I don’t pay attention to my personal info in screen shots. I will now.
Thanks for pointing it out.

Full Screen and Cover Flow…now were talking! :smiley: