Change in classify behaviour

Since upgrading to DT3b4 I have noticed a change in classify behaviour. Previously I could right-click a document in my inbox & if I had saved similar documents previously, there would be an option to classify to… near the bottom of the contextual menu. Clicking this would move the document to the suggested location (and it works very well). In beta 4 clicking the option now appears to copy the document rather than move it so the original stay in the inbox. I don’t generally want copies of documents cluttering up my databases so I then have to manually delete the documents.
Can I change the behaviour back to move rather than copy or is there a bug in action here?


It’s working as expected over here. A screenshot of the used menu item would be great.

On further testing, I think there is an occasional sync glitch where items moved from the inbox don’t clear from all my devices (iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad) & occasionally get resynced. This made it appear as if the items had copied, but when I tried with new documents they definitely moved.