change in default highlight for Search results?

It appears that the default highlight for search results has been changed from blue to yellow. Is that correct?

If so, it’s a very disturbing change. :frowning:

I hope it’s something that will, at some point, be alterable. Reasons to prefer the blue include: (1) the blue was, to my eye, very attractive and functional on screen; (2) my eye is very accustomed to the blue, and colour is, psychologically speaking, a deep cue; (3) such highlighting as I do myself is typically in yellow.

I presume users were in some way or other consulted about such a salient interface change, and so I have to suppose that many users, perhaps a majority, prefer the yellow. Or was the change simply an experiment? If the latter, then I’d vote for reversal as soon as possible; failing that, a preference option would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

This change is intentional as the previous color depended on the system appearance and the contrast between background and foreground colors could be quite poor on some systems. Therefore it’s now always blue on yellow, just like in DEVONagent.

I have a similar question about the search colour.
My “problem” is that I highlight a lot of text in PDFs and my default highlight colour is yellow. Now every time I search something I cannot see it, if the text is already highlighted. I know that I can change the highlight colour, but as you already mentioned; yellow has the best contrast between text and highlight colour. All the other highlight colour make it more difficult to read the text.
So is there a chance to:
A) Change the search highlight colour or
B) Come up with an option with more highlight colours. Or options to customise the colour, e.g. make the orange more transparent.
Thanks for any help.

The next beta will use a slightly different color to distinguish it from the default highlight colors (see Format > Highlight Color > …)