Change Index files to import files

I am pretty new to Devon thinkpro, I indexed a bunch of files and I would rather have them as imports now. Can someone help me change this? I guess I could delete all the files and import them later, and if you import and make changes to the file in the program it was created say excel spreadsheet will the imported version change to? I would like to run this on two system my desks top and Laptop But I can’t open the indexed files when I save the database and send it to the laptop. Sorry if this is a question asked before I searched but could not find help.


You have to use File > Synchronize to update the imported files and not all imported file types can be edited that way (e.g. neither Word nor rich or plain text). But this will be fully supported by v2.

Indexed files are not part of the database and to open them on both computers, the same files have to exist at the same locations.