Change "New -> Templates -> Annotion" to Markdown


does anybody know if it is possible to modify the template “Create Annotation” in a way that a Markdown file is created instead of complex RTF - I really have a big issue not being able to modify those Annotation on my iPad (complex file read only).

While I really enjoy that template on my Mac to create an annotation with links to original / annotation file embedded, it hurts not being able to update the annotation while on the road using my iPad.

Any hint?

Thank you.


Search the forum for the obvious words “annotation markdown template” and you’ll find, for example:

thanx, tried it, failed due to localization issues I guess

I’ve just removed all formattings from the original .rtf file within the annotation template - now I can modify using iPad - no more complex warning :slight_smile:

damn, as soon as I tap on “edit” on iPad the Link gets lost - plain text now. I give up.

I am not seeing an issue with the links being lost when going into Edit mode an RTF file in DTTG, but RTF is not a mobile native (nor friendly) format. Text editing will be a top priority for the next major release of DTTG. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

could you please be more detailed?