Change of image format in formatted notes after an edit

I noticed that the file size increases substantially in some of my formatted notes with an image if I edit them in DTTG (2.0.1).

I investigated the file after a sync to DTPO (2.9.2) on my Mac and found that DTTG changes the image format from jpg to png (data:image/jpg to data:image/png) as soon as the formatted note is edited (it is enough just to add e.g. a space bar), which clearly explains the increase in size.

Is this intended or a bug?

The RTF editor re-encodes images when you save a document as during editing the image is a UIImage object that does not know about how its original file format. If we re-encode as JPEG the image quality would severely degrade every time you save the document.

We might improve this behavior in future versions.

Thank you for the clarification.