Change path of indexed files

This must have been discussed before, but I cannot find an answer in the forum:
Is there any way to change the path of an indexed file in DT Pro 2? I see that “path” is not changeable in the info-panel, neither is via applescript.

Background: My PDF library is moving and I would prefer not to re-index, re-label, and re-rate the files. For the time I use an alias pointing from the old to the new root-folder of my library, but this can only be a temporary solution.

Hacks & dangerous solutions welcome.

None that I’m aware of. Related topic:

Edit path to the file holding document’s data in Info Panel.

thanks for the quick answer.

Not being able to relocate missing files is a remarkable shortcoming for an app like DT.
It leaves me with two options:

  1. write an applescript that deletes the missing files (but stores thins like labels, etc) and re-indexes them at their new location. My gut feeling tells me that many things may silently go wrong here: metadata may be lost, x-devonthink-item links broken, uuids changes, etc.
  2. find out how and where DT stores the path info and find a dirty hack. (Does anybody know, by the way, where and how the path-information is stored in DT?)

I totally agree! A gaping hole in the otherwise impressive feature set of DT.

Is this feature still missing?

It’s not a “feature” to be missed. It can be a far more complex operation than you likely imagine. Workable in a simple scenario? Potentially. A nightmare - especially for the User - in a more complex situation? VERY likely.