Change position in PDF during reopening to a default Value


We have many PDF Files with more than 5 pages. So i normally do following.

  1. open a 10 page PDF
  2. navigate to a page greater than one
  3. close the pdf
  4. view a different pdf
  5. open the 10 page pdf (pt. 1.) again

The problem is, that the reopend pdf starts with the last page visited and not with page 1.

So - is it possible to tell devonthink that every pdf start with page 1 during the opening.

Thank you in advance

I would not want this feature :open_mouth: I always want to return to the place I stopped working. It’s simple enough to use the Go > Go to page… command to get to page 1 – it’s not at all simple to use that command to navigate to the last place read in a long PDF.


Thank you for your thoughts, but we work a little bit different and we need this feature.

So if there is no solution for my request, maybe in the next release there will be a flag ‘Start PDF View at top’ in the settings for that. :smiley: