Change size of image thumbnails in DTPO Web Server

I have recently started using the DEVONthink web server option as a crude way to share a project database with other project team members. It has turned out to be more useful than I originally thought it would be, and some of the team members especially like using it to access a library of photos we maintain related to our research.

However, the big complaint with this facility is that the thumbnails for the photos are too small to be of any value. If there were an option to make them just large enough that someone could skim for a particular photo of interest, then this interface would be much more useful. Yes, there are lots of photo sharing web sites, but security is an important concern, and we can control access and force encryption by using our own server.

So, does anyone have any experience with tweaking the web server interface for DTPO? I have a feeling that the thumbnails are probably just extracted from the finder, in which case it may be impractical to change their display size. However, it seems to be worth asking about.