Change size of picture?

I have dragged some .jpegs into an .rtf in one of my databases, and some are very large, some small. Is there are any way I can change the sizes of these images inside DTPO, or do I have to change the size in somethign like Photoshop before importing them into DTPO? Specifically, I’d like to make some of the very large ones smaller.

Do you want to reduce the file size and/or reduce the dimensions of the image?

Graphic Converter does both quite easily, and will do batch resizing as well, so you could drop a folder full of images on GC and specify the dimensions and the output as no larger than a specific kib size.

I already have Photoshop for that sort of thing - I was hoping there was some way of adjusting the size of the image displayed IN DevonThink, without having to go outside to adjust the size and then import the smaller size. Some information managers - such as Notebook of MacJournal - allow this.