Change the info that appears under thumbnails in thumbnail view

Currently, in thumbnail view, I have the item name appear under it. How do I customise what appears under the thumbnails? I would like to have name (creation date), for example.

You can’t customize this data. You can however, enable View > Show Details to display more information about files in Icon view.

Thanks, I had tried this, but I want to keep the grid thumbnail view - just have more information below them.

As I said, this isn’t possible to do. Development would have to assess this request.

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If they could, that would be much appreciated!

I guess it’s not possible to customise the details that appear when you select View > Show Details either?

No, that’s currently static.

Any progress with this? I’m still looking to change the text that appears under the thumbnails.

It’s still on our long to-do list but not planned in the near future.