Change the name of an indexed folder

Is there a way to change the name of an indexed folder in DT and have this change reflected on the actual folder in Finder? It works perfectly for files but not for folders?!!

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Interestingly, no it doesn’t. Hmm…

IIRC this was once possible. But … I’ll stipulate that I don’t know when “once” was or if there was a reason the behavior would have been eliminated

There is no way to change the name of an indexed folder from within DT and have the change reflected in finder. There is a workaround, IF the parent folder of the target folder is also indexed, and the folder you want to change is not thousands of items. What you have to do is change the indexed folder to imported and then back again.

(1) Control-click on the folder you want to change (before you change it) and select “Move Into Database”. The folder and its contents will be swooped into the database and the little arrows will disappear. (2) Now change the folder name. (3) Control-click on the changed folder and select “Move To External Folder.” Everything will be moved out and re-indexed. Look in the finder and the change is reflected there.

Just remember you will not see a “move to external folder” unless the parent folder of the changed folder is also indexed. All of my databases have a single indexed “domain” folder to facilitate this kind of um, inhale and exhale (to put it politely). This is also the only way to move a file item from one folder to another—pull it in, move it, push it out. The real trick is getting in the habit of performing this waltz instead of going straight from A to B.

Thanks for the tip. I ended up including the folder in the DB. Once I finish editing everything, I might follow your steps to get everything back to Finder. Although I would rather keep everything in the DB but that depends on how DT will perform. Thanks once again!

DEVONthink will perform the same, regardless of whether items are indexed or imported. The key to performance is total number of words across all your open databases (around 300 million). What matters is how quickly DEVONthink can process search and classify requests – which are word-oriented – not the physical location of a file. Location (path), name, and certain other metadata are recorded in the database, but retrieval of specific files occurs only when that file has the focus in a view window. DEVONthink does not have a special little corner of the filesystem that performs different from everything else – it’s just folder full of stuff, like every other folder.

Assuming, of course, that you’re not indexing files on a machine at the other end of a slow LAN.

Many thanks korm for your detailed explanation. Now, I feel more safe to include everything in the DB. I will keep an eye on the number of words across my opened DBs. My other concern, apart from performance, was how to make a de-duplicate incremental backup. Currently, I have two backup strategies: 1) the database itself resides in a folder backed up with Crashplan and 2) Sync to a dropbox account. I am willing to include a third strategy but this is still under investment (e.g. another online backup, time machine or CCC).

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De-duplicate a DEVONthink database? What do you want to accomplish – databases frequently (and often by design) contain “duplicates” of documents. Are you looking for a process that eliminates (duplicate or other) content from the database at backup time?