Change to search features with 3.6.2?

I just updated DEVONthink 3 to Version 3.6.2 and can no longer add search criteria with the + symbol that used to provide a “drop-down” menu of other options like searching by “Date Added” or by “Name” (instead of “All” or by “Label” or by “URL” and all of the many other choices. Is this a new feature? Or is this and inadvertent oversight? Or am I missing something?

Are you referring to the Advanced options in a toolbar search?

Yes, I believe so. Entering a search term in the Tool bar search field and hitting return gave a result. However, it then displayed the search terms in a horizontal bar below the toolbar, with a + sign that allows choosing other criteria, as I described. After choosing that option, another + is displayed for more choices, etc. Not sure if this is what you are calling the Advanced options in a toolbar search, but it sounds right. That option seems to be gone?

I am seeing no issue here…

Have you pressed the Advanced button?

Yes, that is exactly what I was referring too. And no, I didn’t see the Advanced button but I do now! Works great. Is this a change? I never had to click on a button before. Thanks for your help. You guys are awesome… almost as awesome ad DT3 & DT2Go!! Love your products and have using them since 2004, I believe.

Thanks for the kind words and support!

The Advanced options for a toolbar search have been presented like this since DEVONthink 3 was released.

Wow! I wonder if I clicked on it many moons ago and it became my default. Or, at 71, maybe I’m just loosing it. In any case, thanks again.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: