Changing a file type


I have a file that was imported into DT, and I would like to change its default type. It is a text file that, when imported, had a file extension of .DAT. It is a tab-separated data file. DT thinks it is a QuickTime file and tries (and of course fails) to play it.

I would like to change the file type, preferably to a text file but Excel/spreadsheet is okay too. But I can’t figure out how to do that. I’ve tried the following:

  • changing the file name to add “.TXT” has no effect
  • revealing in Finder and changing the filename means that DT no longer can find the file
  • I can’t seem to edit the “Path” property in the file info dialog box to point to a new file

What’s weird is that previewing the file (by hitting spacebar) does display the file text, though the preview pane itself does not display the file.

Any ideas?

See DEVONthink Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences for instructions on how to tell DEVONthink about “additional plain text extensions”.

You could export the file, change its extension (e.g. to .tsv or .txt) and reimport it