Changing a record's (plain text) creation date


I just downloaded the trial for DT and I am trying to use it for some data collection and analysis of some numerical observations as well as some related commentary. I have some back data that I would have to enter by hand, and I need the dates to be based on the original observation date.

Each day would have multiple observations (though not always the same number of observations each day). So I’d prefer not to have to type the date of the observation in as part of the name of each record/observation (plain text). Is there a way to modify the created date, or to have a separate date field as part of the record? (This would apply too if I missed a day or week and wanted to go back over the data and enter observations again by hand.)

Related to the above question is whether I should organize the database folder structure by date or by observation category? It seems like it should be the former so I would not have to enter dates for future observations that would be captured in real time.


I’ve been poking around a bit and it appears that perhaps the solution for me is to use sheets. But I see a comment from Bill about not using individual records anymore in sheets in v.2. Then he goes on to say it will return in the future.

I started playing with sheets and records (originally my post referred to records erroneously), and I can see how this would sort of address my problem of having dates and times independent of when I actually entered the information.

But, are records in sheets going away?