Changing active selection as you navigate wiki links


I have a set of markdown files with wiki links between them.

Say I have the standard preview setup, with a pane at the top right of a DT3 window showing a list of records in a group, and when I click to select one of those records, it previews in the pane at the bottom right. When the list of records has focus, I can navigate with the up & down arrows, changing the current selection and hence the file being previewed.

However, if I click on a wiki link, it follows the link and puts the destination record occupying the preview pane. But it doesn’t change the active selection in the list of records above (assuming I’m linking to another record in the same group), or change the group (if I like to a record in a different group).

Is it possible to change this behavior?


  • Eric

Preferences > General > Interface > Automatically Reveal Items

:joy: The simple answers are the best. Thanks!

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