Changing amendment and/or creation dates of PDF

I know that there has been some coverage on this one before, but I like to ask it again: supposing I have scanned today a physical document which date is October 5, 2005 (for example) I get an creation date of October 5, 2011 - that’s no surprise. Is there any way to manually adjust the date of this document so that it fits better into the time-line of associated documents?
Thanks again!

There are scripts included in the Script Menu>Dates that should do what you want.

Also in Help > Support Assistant. See among the scripts extras the one named Change Date.

Thanks. But all the scripts that I see either set creation date to amendment date or vice versa. What I like to achieve is to change the creation date to an arbitrarily set date. E.g. if I scan today a document which is five years old I like to add this five year-old creation date. Do I make myself clear?

Sorry. You are all right! I found the mentioned script - just had to switch to the following screen. great!