Dear Development and wish granters.

Using Scan Snap, currently, the counter can only be positioned in the last two digits of a name file, before the extension. Example Donut Shop 01-01-2016-10.pdf. Where 10 is the counter

The file system name format I use is 2016-01-01-XX The donut shop Barney The XX is the counter which I find helpful when I have several documents to scan and I am trying to find a particular document on a particular day. To match up with a random payment to the Donut shop.

Why this format helpful…Image getting 300 receipts from the Donut shop covering 3 years. In stead of scanning in each individual receipt and renaming them to this format, being able to scan all the receipts in, then I am able to back track the payment to see which check pays for what invoice.

and which salesperson bought the donuts.

When I search a list of files, for a certain year quickly get all of Barney’s receipts.

All this from having the option where I can put the file name counter in the file name
Best Regards

Robet M. Potter

Someone (Barney?) likes donuts. A lot.

The filename produced by ScanSnap is controlled in the ScanSnap manager software, so you would have to ask Fujitsu about changing their software You could possibly scan to a folder (rather than directly into DEVONthink), and make a routine in Hazel that would rename the files as you wish. Then later import the contents of that folder to DEVONthink.