Changing Created Date, one click - another gem

In Markdown or Text editing mode, you just select text including date and do right click. You will see [Set Date As] in the list. It changes the created date, even whatever the date format is - mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd or even “Feb 2, 2021” format and so on.

If you are in Markdown rendering mode or if you select a text string not including date, the [Set Date As] item wouldn’t appear.

I recently found this feature in DTPO. Most users here may already know this but I would like to share this sparkling feature with person not known.

This is terrific! I like DT best in my 54 year computer experience. Someone here expresed this king of subtle trait as gem. Yes, I’ve found another gem.

Apologies for my poor English.

Keech, from Japan with respect


Great Tip !!!

Just Used it. Thanks

Welcome @keech

Thanks for sharing the gem you found and the nice feedback!