Changing DA browser?

Is it possible to change the default DA browser so that when I click on results, I can open the page in Firefox?
I know that it is possible to do that by “Launch URL”, I was just wondering if one could also do that when clicking.

You need to have Firefox tell the System that Firefox is the default browser. Look in the Preferences for Firefox. This command is not in the System Preferences.

Firefox is my default browser but no matter what my default browser is, when I double click on an archived page or search result, I only get the DA browser. I want to be able to change this.

DEVONagent is tightly integrated with DT Pro and – as a Cocoa app using WebKit – allows quick and easy captures of selected text/images, page (HTML) or Web Archive (page content saved for offline viewing).

Firefox can provide only very limited captures to DT Pro. So if you wish to capture information to your database, DEVONagent will do a much better job. That’s why the default view is under the DEVONagent browser.

You can quickly switch to viewing the page under your default browser (Firefox) by pressing Data > Launch URL (Shift-Command-L).