Changing date on a scanned item?

I accidentally entered “07” as the date for several items I scanned into DEVONThink Pro and of course it should be “2007”. How do I correct the date on these items?

  • John


Search the forum for a script that allows you to do this (I can’t remember exactly but I think it was posted). By itself we don’t offer built-in functionality to change these (and there have been discussions about this subject on this forum).

Any suggestions what search terms I should use? I searched for “Date” and “Change” and found nothing, ditto for “Date” and “Edit”.

This seems like something incredibly basic that should be part of the standard feature set, I never thought it wouldn’t be possible!

Perhaps it would be easier to go dig up the paper pieces and re-scan them…:frowning:


Actually, the problem is that searching for “Date” and “Change” produced 43 pages of results, far too many to wade through item by item. How can I narrow this down?

John, are you talking about the Creation or Modification date of a document?

If so, there’s a script that allows that at

Great! Looks like that page has lots of useful things, I’ll check them out -