Changing External Editor


I have under the Edit Menu, last item Edit in “TextMate”.

How is this changed.

Using BBEdit currently.

So is “TextMate” a script/plugin that I can alter, so as to select “BBEdit”.

Terence D.

That’s not a default menu item of DEVONthink/agent, it’s inserted by a third-party extension (probably an input manager, a color picker, a scripting addition or a SIMBL plugin) and therefore not customizable.

So some where ( I like that expression, computer wise ), on this machine that had “TextMate” is a piece(s) of code that is still appending under certain circumstances the a for mention reference.

Yet another project opportunity.

Thanks for the help.

clueless in computers…

Look for the TextMate Input Manager in the ‘InputManagers’ folder contained in the Library folder. Which Library folder to find it in will depend on how it was installed (user Library folder (installed for the current user only) or the hard drive Library folder (installed for all users)). You will need to restart after moving it to the trash to clear the input manager from memory.