Changing font and font size in "text box" PDF annotations


I used to be able to change the font size and style in “text box” PDF annotations but I can no longer do so: pressing Command-T does not open the font palette. Any ideas? Has anything changed in recent versions?

Also, may I suggest a persistent setting for these parameters? I find it quite cumbersome that every text box I create has, by default, huge fonts and a yellow background.


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Over here (2.3.2) command-T is opening the palette, but changes in the palette settings have no effect on the annotation.

+1 for the persistence suggestion

I rarely use DT for annotations any more because there’s a lot of much better alternatives

Actually that’s right, the palette does pop up but to no effect whatsoever.

I also launch an external PDF editor (usually preview) but would rather not have yet one more app consuming my RAM and wearing out my tired old Macbook.