Changing font/background of rendered markdown files

I’ve recently switched over to using markdown as my preferred file format for writing, and I understand the nature of plain text files, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the look of the rendered markdown file so that it displays the text on a user set background color and font? Thanks for the consideration.

By default the rich text font (see Preferences > Edit) is used by Markdown documents and Formatted Notes too. But it’s not yet possible to specify a style sheet (except the generic style sheet used by web views, see Preferences > Web) or to change the background color.

Ok, I appreciate the heads up, cgrunenberg. Is this something that’s considered to be implemented in the near future, or shall I consider purchasing Brett Terpstra’s, Marked?

IMO, you’ll get more for your $4 from Marked than you’ll get from any other markdown viewer. The features and flexibility are excellent.

That sounds good! Thanks for sharing the vote of confidence in the app korm!