Changing Font Used in Annotation Template

I’ve started using the included Annotation template and find it quite useful. However, I can’t figure out how to change the default font that it uses. I’ve changed fonts in every preference window I can find, but no matter what I do the notes created with this template use Lucida Grande 12 Point. I looked at the corresponding templatescriptd file but don’t see any reference to fonts. I’m comfortable with Applescript, but I really can’t tell where it’s pulling this default from. I’d really appreciate your help.

The templated document is located inside the template package at …/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Annotation.rtf (assuming you are using the English localization). Edit or format the Annotation.rtf document as you wish, taking care not to modify or delete the placeholders (strings surrounded by “%”). The script uses these to initiate an annotation document.

I didn’t even think to do that because I didn’t realize that the file format was a package. Thank you korm for the quick response!

I should have mentioned that you probably should duplicate the .templatescriptd package and make your own instance, because a future update to DEVONthink might step on your customization of a portion of the core product. Nothing bad would happen except losing your handiwork.