Changing from an indexed to an internal databese

Still in the process of migrating to a new Mac.

My databases are/were indexed. I’ve decided that the reasons for using indexing are no longer important (not using Hazel to dispatch files to folders in finder). Hence I’ve imported all files/folders from the Mac into each database. This will also make the migration of these databases from old MBP to the new MBP much easier.

So, still on the old Mac - I don’t want the groups that are indexed to be regarded that way any longer. True, as long as all files are imported, I have an “internal system”, but I’m bothered by the fact that there may still be a reference from groups to folders within DTPO’s management. I wouldn’t want to accidentally have files or groups moved to the external folder or the over way around.

I have just noticed that having moved the root group internally, I no longer have the option to move any file or group externally from the contextual menu. (In DTPO I had all groups inside a “root group” that corresponded to a folder in finder and all the indexed files/folders were inside that folder.)

Has DTPO released the old Indexed relationship between groups and folders. Should I no longer be concerned about this issue? Can I even safely delete folders in finder that were indexed without deleting internal groups even though they now store non-indexed files?

Thanks for any input.

If you have moved all the folders that were indexed into the database, there are no longer be any folders in the Finder that were previously indexed into a database. However, if you have in the past you also indexed individual documents, then you might want to check for that. To confirm that all indexed content has been imported, create a smart group where Instance>is>indexed. If it returns zero items, then you are good to go.

Thanks, Greg. I have frequently imported files, then moved in DT to another group, then moved back to the (other) indexed folder. I never did that to a folder. Yes, most files are now internal, but looking at the finder folders, there are some folders that were not deleted due to hidden files (those starting with a period, like old Ulysses hidden files and others left behind by other apps). These appear not to have been imported and I don’t really want them. Thanks to your suggestion that finder folders should have been deleted after importing, I was able to deal with the few remaining folders and deleted them manually.