Changing location of DTPO dtBase2 file

After listing to the recent MacPowerUsers podcast about DevonThink, I’m looking at my DTPO more carefully and I find that all my dtBase2 files are scattered around my documents folder, which has about 190,000 items (e.g. a database called “Statistical.dtBase2” is located down the ~/Documents/Technical Documents/ path)

How do I move the *.dtBase2 files to a common location (e.g. ~/Documents/DevonThink/) separate from the other files? (I’m reorganizing things and the current location will go away)


Close the database(s). Clear the Favorites section of the sidebar, and the Recent menu. Move the database to the new location. Open the database(s), and re-establish your favorites, if necessary.

Well, that was easy! Worked just fine. Thank you very much.