Changing location of the DEVONthink database

Is there a way to move/specify an alternate location of the default folder/directory where DEVONthink stores the user data? I’m running out of space on my SSD boot drive and would like to be able to have DEVONthink use another disk. I have a Mac Pro, so no, I’m not talking about an external USB/FW/eSATA drive, but just another internal disk.

Be sure to quit the DEVONthink application before moving a database.

If you are using DEVONthink Personal, the database is the file named DEVONthink 2, located at ~/Library/Application Support/. Copy that folder to the other disk, then delete the file at its original location. Next, make an alias of the file in the new location, and move the alias to the original location.

If you are using DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office, the database(s) you created will have the filename extension .dtBase2, located where you saved them when created, probably in your Documents folder. Just move the database(s) to the new location and remove them from the original location.

The Global Inbox database is the file named Inbox.dtBase2, located at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/. This can be moved to the new disk, deleted from the original location and aliased from the new to the old location.

After moving databases, launch the DEVONthink application. In File > Open Recent choose the option to clear the menu. Then manually open the database(s) using the File menu.

Thanks – this did the job.