Changing Sync Source

Hi there,

I’ve been syncing my Mac and iPad via Bonjour due to a larger number of files (to seed initially). The primary database is replicated by the Mac to iCloud CloudKit. Is there a way I can now point the iPad to look at CloudKit, and realise this is a copy of the same data, so that it doesn’t have to resync everything (but so that it can sync to iCloud from now on)? Thanks!

Welcome @SimpsonStanley

Let’s clarify things a little…

  1. The database isn’t replicated to Apple’s servers. It’s raw, chunked, and optionally encrypted data about the database, data only useful to DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. You could not go into your iCloud account and find or share files in the sync data.

  2. If the iPad is running DEVONthink To Go and logged into the same Apple ID, you can sync with the same CloudKit sync location. You must use the same encryption key value - even leaving it empty if you didn’t use one - in DEVONthink To Go. Once connected, DEVONthink will detect there is sync data in the CloudKit location and merge with it.


Thanks for your reply - I was aware of number one, but appreciate the clarification to be sure.

So regarding number two, you’re saying the DTG will figure out that the data matches and merge? That is handy! Will I then be able to continue, in theory, using both Bonjour + Cloud Kit to sync (Bonjour if I was local, Cloud Kit for if I was out and about)? Or would I be just using Cloud Kit from then on? Either way is fine, just thought I’d ask the question :slight_smile: Thanks!

You’re welcome.

Yes. If the sync engine running in DEVONthink To Go detects data for the same database in the sync location, it will merge with it.

And yes, you can use both sync methods noting Bonjour will obviously not doing anything when you’re not on the same network, one that allows Bonjour traffic.