Changing the font to first font in the list under Imprinter preferences makes the pane inaccessible in future

This is happening in Beta 4 (and was happening in Beta 3 as well, but I forgot to report it — sorry!)

To reproduce:

  • Quit DT3
  • Remove ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/
  • Launch DT3
  • Open Preferences
  • Click on Imprinter
  • Create a new configuration
  • Click on OCR and then on Imprinter (verifies that the pane can still be accessed)
  • Click on the Font chip, then change the font to the first entry in the list
  • Click on OCR and then on Imprinter

The Imprinter pane shows as selected, but the window still shows the OCR pane. Quitting and restarting DT3 does not resolve this — only removing the imprinter data file allows the pane to be displayed again.

I was able to change all the other fields without triggering this, and to select other fonts. Only selecting the first font in the list (American Typewriter in my case) triggered the problem. (I suspect a zero index might be causing a problem here :slight_smile:)

Even after the bug is triggered, imprinting a document using the configuration works as expected, so it seems to just be the preference pane that’s got a problem.

Mac OS X 10.14.5 (18F132)

(I’ve emailed this in using Help > Report a Bug, which I wasn’t aware of when I posted this)

Thanks for the bug report, this will be fixed for the next update.