Changing the location of external local links

Is there a script or procedure to make mass changes to DT links?

For me this would be where the link’s target location in the local file system changes. The target filename does not change – only a part of each link’s path changes. This would be when a directory that stores a heirarchy of targets is moved or renamed.

I don’t think there’s any way to edit an item’s Path in v2.


The Path field in an item’s Information window could be greyed-out or something that indicates it can’t be edited since it still looks like it can be.


Exactly the same task at hand here – need to do a mass change of links to external files; only part of the path needs to be changed after moving to a new Mac and a differing folder structure. Whatever happened to Christian’s script (“Path & URL>update path”) from DT 1.5.4? I couldn’t find it in DT 2.0. – Or have I missed out on something new and fancy that would take care of this?
Any ideas appreciated,


There’s more recent followup here: Find missing files?

Thanks sjk!