Changing the name of a new group

If I right click on a group and create a new group, and new group appears with the name new group.

This is fine but normally the text of the name of the group would be highlighted so you can type in a new name. Or failing that double clicking on it would enable you to change name. This does not seem to work and the only way I can see is to right click–> rename.

Is this by design or a bug ?

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If you select the folder and hit return then it will select the name of the group ready to be overtyped. Is that any help?

I am referring to the selection of the group within the sidebar. Hitting return doesn’t work either. I think it may be a glitch, or bug possibly.

I agree and face the same problem. Right now one needs to do Command + left click and select Rename from the pop-up contextual menu. It’s inconvenient and requires more steps than simply hitting return.

The group should be immediately renamable in the main view, just tried this. Which view do you use?

It does work in the main view. I am referring the sidebar view.

Does it matter whether it’s immediately renamable in the main view instead of the sidebar? In both cases you can just start typing.

I think there is a workflow issue. I naturally tend to lean towards the sidebar to create a group. When I create a group I want to immediately change the name.

I could start working or train myself to use the main view it is not a major issue really. But there is friction there.

Just giving my feedback as a user.DT is still really excellent.

Hi there,

I had the same issue and it still feels strange for me, to do a faster right click action in the sidebar, but typing in the new name in the main view. This interrupts my workflow. And is also differs from DT2. It’s good that “New group” is now more prominent in the root of the context menu of the sidebar, but it makes no sense for me that I have to shift my attention then away from the sidebar to the main view.

It disrupts my workflow that much, that I actually planned to open a new topic for this. But then I found this entry here and… here we are. Really no big issue, only one of the very few things a user could complain about (DT3beta1).


Beta 2 will improve this.