char counting: DT vs OpenOffice

I recently completed a job where i will be paid for the number of characters written.

DT, the software i used for the job, counts 372’522 chars but my open office counts only 369’350 (like the Word of my chief). :unamused:

Why this difference?


DT Pro’s character count was designed to reward profuse obfuscation. :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t know why the character counts differ among applications, and will punt to Christian.

But I would expect that character counts of plain text should be pretty similar.

The character count displayed in the status bar of DT’s windows counts all unicode characters (including spaces, tabs or line/page breaks).

May i ask you to insert a new feature to better serve us professional writers?

I don’t really need to count tabs or line feed… :wink:

Maybe onto preferences screen you can to let choose which method of char counting the user wants.